“search contentsholder post” object

A “search contentsholder post” object contains Story information of the “search contentsholder unit”

    "id": "1234567",
    "url": "https://nordot.app/1234567",
    "title": "Counting down to sakura blooming",
    "subtitle": "Forecast of flowering this weekend",
    "status": "public",
    "description": "According to the latest cherry blossom blooming forecast announced today by Weather Report,
    the high-temperature state continues nationwide from late last week
    As the buds grow at a stretch, in western Japan there will be some places to bloom this weekend. Next week Kanto ...",
    "published_at": "2015-12-10T20:09:31+00:00",
    "expired_at": "2016-11-10T20:09:31+00:00",
    "created_at": "2015-11-10T20:09:31+00:00",
    "updated_at": "2015-12-25T18:58:10+00:00",
    "images": [
            "id": "2345678",
            "url": "https://img.nordot.jp/ch/images/2345678/origin_1.jpg",
            "thumb_360": "https://img.nordot.jp/t_thumb_360/ch/images/2345678/origin_1.jpg",
            "caption": "Sakura blooming..."
    "tags": [
    "labels": [
            "name": "Weather",
            "count": null
    "unit": {
        "id": "0123456",
        "name": "Nordot post"
Key name Data Type In List API Description
id string Y ID of the Story.
name string Y URL of the Story.
title string Y Title of the Story.
subtitle string Y Subtitle of the Story (subheading).
status string Y Status of the Story. Set to public only.
description string Y Overview of the Story’s text, the first 100 characters of the Story’s body text. Descriptions with less than 100 characters will be filled with empty characters.
published_at string Y Date and time Story was published.
expired_at string Y Default article expiry date. Null indicates an indefinite period.
created_at string Y Date and time the Story was created.
updated_at string Y Date and time Story was last updated.
images/id string Y(First image only.) ID of image displayed in the Story.
images/url string Y(First image only.) URL of image displayed in the Story.
images/thumb_360 string Y(First image only.) URL of thumbnail displayed in the Story.
images/caption string Y(First image only.) Caption of image displayed in the Story.
tags string Y Name of attached to the Story.
labels/name string Y Name of label attached to the Story.
abels/count number Y Number of Stories to which label was assigned.
unit/id string ID of the unit.
unit/name string Name of the unit.