“contentsholder image” object

A “contentsholder image” object contains image information of your “contentsholder unit”

    "id": "2345678",
    "url": "https://img.nordot.jp/ch/images/2345678/origin_1.jpg",
    "thumb_360": "https://img.nordot.jp/t_thumb_360/ch/images/2345678/origin_1.jpg",
    "caption": "looming forecasted this weekend",
    "created_at": "2015-11-10T20:09:31+00:00",
    "updated_at": "2015-12-25T18:58:10+00:00"
Key name Data Type In List API Description
id string Y ID of the image.
url string Y URL of the image.
thumb_360 string Y URL of thumbnail for header image, displayed in “this.kiji.is”.
caption string N Caption (description)of the image.
created_at string Y Date and time image was created.
updated_at string Y Date and time image unit was last updated.