Retrieves a list of labels in your Content Owner Media Unit


GET /v1.0/contentsholder/labels.list


Argument Required Default Value Example Description
unit_id Required - 12345678912345 ID of your Content Owne Media Unit
limit Optional 10 10 The argument indicates the maximum number of items to retrieve. Use a number between 1 to 100 for this argument.


    "ok": true,
    "labels": [
            "name": "weather",
            "count": 10
            "name": "tokyo",
            "count": 350
    "paging": {
      "count": 10,
      "offset": 0,
      "limit": 10,
      "has_next": true

If successful, the response returns the payload displayed above.


Error Code Description
invalid_query Value passed for “query” is invalid.
invalid_unit_id Value passed for “unit_id" is invalid.
unit_not_found The Media Unit cannot be found.
invalid_limit Value passed for “limit" is invalid.

For other error codes, refer to the Common Errors section of this document.